Oct 5 – 6, 2015
Europe/Paris timezone


Multistructures are present in numerous models stemming among others from solid mechanics, fluid dynamics and biology. Let us quote for example: composite materials, bridges, assemblies of plates or shells (solar panels of satellites for instance), networks of roads, telecommunication, gas pipelines, dentritic networks of neurons or the human lung. Multistructures are mathematically characterized by the coupling of systems of partial differential equations set on domains which can be of different dimensions (but not necessarily) and/or of different nature, the coupling being generally made at their intersections via the so-called transmission conditions and obtained using physical principles. The purpose of our workshop is to bring together some specialists of this field in order to present their recent results.

Organizing committee:

Joachim von Below and Serge Nicaise.



Inscriptions are free but mandatory.



From the center of Valenciennes, you have to take the line T2 and leave at the terminus (Famars Université). On this link you have also a map of the campus. The department is situated inside the building 21.

Building 21