Séminaire d'algèbre

Julia Sauter: Tilting theory in exact categories


We define tilting subcategories in arbitrary exact categories to archieve the following. Firstly: Unify existing definitions of tilting subcategories to arbitrary exact categories. Discuss standard results for tilting subcategories: Auslander correspondence, Bazzoni description of the perpendicular category. Secondly: We treat the question of induced derived equivalences separately - given a tilting subcategory T, we ask if a functor on the perpendicular category induces a derived equivalence to a (certain) functor category over T. If this is the case, we call the tilting subcategory ideq tilting. We prove a generalization of Miyashita's theorem (which is itself a generalization of a well-known theorem of Brenner-Butler) and characterize exact categories with enough projectives allowing ideq tilting subcategories. In particular, this is always fulfilled if the exact category is abelian with enough projectives.