Masterclass MINT : Première séance 2022/2023

IMT Amphi Schwarz

IMT Amphi Schwarz

Jean-Claude Yakoubsohn, Xavier Buff

L'EUR MINT organise sa première demi-journée de Masterclass pour 2022/2023 

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      Look at the picture ;-)

      Speaker: Prof. Jean-Claude Yakoubsohn
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      Sequences, differential equations and billiards

      I will present a joint work with Jasmin Raissy. In particular, I will show how the study of sequences of complex numbers satisfying the recursion $(x_{n+1},y_{n+1})=(x_n+y_n^2,y_n+x_n^2)$ which is the step-$1$ Euler's method of the differential equation $(x',y')=(y^2,x^2)$ relates to the study of trajectories in a equilateral triangular billiard.

      Speaker: Prof. Xavier Buff