Séminaire MAC

Mean field limit of non-exchangeable multi-agent systems

by David Poyato (Univ. Lyon 1)

Amphithéâtre L. Schwartz (IMT)

Amphithéâtre L. Schwartz



 In this talk I will discuss on a recent derivation of the mean-field limit for multi-agent systems on a large class of sparse graphs. More specifically, the case of non-exchangeable multi-agent systems consisting of non-identical agents is addressed, where the heterogeneous distribution of connectivities in the network is known to have critical effects on the collective dynamics. Our method of proof does not only involve PDEs and stochastic analysis, but also graph theory through a novel concept of limits of sparse graphs (extended graphons) for the structure of the network, which can be regarded as a new non-trivial extension of the seminal works by L. Lovasz and B. Szegedy for dense graph limits. Our proof allows removing some of the main restrictive hypotheses in the previous literature on the connectivities between agents (dense graphs) and the cooperation between them (symmetric interactions). This is a joint work with Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin (Penn State University) and Juan Soler (University of Granada).

Organized by

Romain Duboscq, Ariane Trescases