19 April 2021 to 16 July 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

Thematic trimester program at Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris (Back to main page)

It has been more than 25 years ago that the previous thematic program on symplectic topology took place at Institut Henri Poincaré. Since then, the field has undergone a spectacular transformation earning itself a central position in the mathematical landscape. It interacts strongly with other fields such as dynamical systems, low dimensional topology, homotopical algebra, and algebraic geometry.

Main events:

Weekly seminar & other activities

  • Tuesday May 4th : Graduate student day at IHP
    10h-12h Groupe de travail doctorants - Amphi Darboux
    15h-18h Exposés des doctorants - Amphi Darboux 

  • Friday May 7th : Symplectic online seminar

10h45 : Baptiste Chantraine (Nantes) : compact objects in the Fukaya category and representations of Eliashberg-Chekanov algebra.

Abstract : Let L be a compact Lagrangian in a Weinstein manifold obtained from a subcritical one by attaching a handle along a Legendrian V. We will see how to associate to L a filling of a satelite of V and how this one induces a representation of the Chekanov-Eliashberg algebra of V. We will show that Legendrian contact homology linearised with respect to this representation recovers the Floer homology of L. We will talk about extensions of this considerations to A-infinity opérations on both sides. This is a joint work with G. Dimitroglou-Rizell and P. Ghiggini

13h45 : Paolo Ghiggini (Nantes) : Many real projective spaces are not Liouville fillable

Abstract : I will show that the standard contact structure on the real projective spaces RP^{4k+1} is not Liouville fillable using a classical argument on degeneration of moduli spaces of holomorphic spheres. A stronger result has been obtained by Zhengyi Zhou using more algebraic methods. This is a joint work with Klaus Niederküger 


Organizing committee:

Jean-François Barraud (Toulouse) Hélène Eynard-Bontemps (Paris)
Frédéric Bourgeois (Orsay) Patrick Massot (Orsay)
Vincent Colin (Nantes) Klaus Niederkrüger (Lyon)
Sylvain Courte (Grenoble) Alexandru Oancea (Paris)
Vincent Humilière (École Polytechnique) Sobhan Seyfaddini (Paris)
Mihai Damian (Stasbourg) Anne Vaugon (Orsay)

Scientific committee:

Denis Auroux (Harvard) Yasha Eliashberg (Stanford)
Paul Biran (Zurich) Helmut Hofer (IAS Princeton)
Tobias Ekholm (Uppsala) Dusa McDuff (Columbia)


Program coordinated by the Centre Emile Borel at IHP Sorbonne Université, CNRS.


also supported by:



Amphithéatre Darboux


Delphine Lépissier : CEB organizational assistant
Sylvie Lhermitte : CEB Manager



Introductory school at the CIRM, Marseille (NOT IN PARIS!!)
April 19th to 23rd, 2021: "Spring School on Symplectic and Contact Topology"
For more information, and to register, see the webpage of the event.


Registration for this event is currently open.