Seminaire Hypatie Lyon-Marseille

Fokko du Cloux (ICJ )

Fokko du Cloux


Campus de La Doua

Titre de la rencontre: Quantitative stochastic homogenization


10:30--11:30 J-C. Mourrat - 11:45--12:45 S. Armstrong

14:30--15:30 S. Armstrong - 16:00--17:00 J.-C. Mourrat

Abstract: We will discuss large-scale asymptotics of solutions of elliptic equations (in divergence form) with random coefficients. This is closely related to reversible diffusions in random environments, since random elliptic operators are generators of such diffusions. We will focus on identifying the optimal rate of convergence for homogenization and ultimately describe the law of the fluctuations of solutions. The proof is essentially a renormalization argument in which we progressively ``coarsen the coefficient field'' over larger and larger scales. 

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