12-13 November 2018
Toulouse School of Economics
Europe/Paris timezone

A family of functional inequalities: Lojasiewicz inequalities and displacement convex functions

12 Nov 2018, 09:30
Bât S, amphi MS001 (Toulouse School of Economics)

Bât S, amphi MS001

Toulouse School of Economics

Manufacture des Tabacs, 21, Allée de Brienne 31015 Toulouse Cedex 6 FRANCE


Jérôme Bolte (TSE)


For displacement convex functionals in the probability space equipped with the Monge-Kantorovich metric we prove the equivalence between the gradient and functional type Łojasiewicz inequalities. We also discuss the more general case of λ-convex functions and we provide a general convergence theorem for the corresponding gradient dynamics. Specialising our results to the Boltzmann entropy, we recover Otto-Villani's theorem asserting the equivalence between logarithmic Sobolev and Talagrand's inequalities. The choice of power-type entropies shows a new equivalence between Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality and a nonlinear Talagrand inequality. Some nonconvex results and other types of equivalences are discussed.

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