11-12 décembre 2017
Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Multidimensional inverse scattering problem

12 déc. 2017 à 14:00
Amphi Astier (Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6)

Amphi Astier

Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6

4, place Jussieu 75252 Paris Cedex 05


Prof. R. Novikov (École Polytechnique)


We give a review of old and recent results on the multidimensional inverse scattering problem related with works of G.M. Henkin. This talk is based, in particular, on the following references: ▶ G.M. Henkin, R.G. Novikov, The dbar-equation in the multidimensional inverse scat- tering problem, Russ. Math. Surv. 42(3), 109-180, 1987; ▶ G.M. Henkin, N.N. Novikova, The reconstruction of the attracting potential in the Sturm-Liouville equation through characteristics of negative discrete spectrum, Stud. Appl. Math. 97, 17-52, 1996; ▶ R.G. Novikov, The dbar-approach to monochromatic inverse scattering in three dimen- sions, J. Geom. Anal. 18, 612-631, 2008; ▶ R.G. Novikov, Formulas for phase recovering from phaseless scattering data at fixed frequency, Bull. Sci. Math. 139, 923-936, 2015.

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