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Emiliano Ambrosi "Specialization of representations of the étale fundamental group and applications" 16h-17h

mercredi 8 novembre 2017 de au (Europe/Paris)
at IHP ( Salle 314 )

Emiliano Ambrosi (Ecole Polytechnique)

Specialization of representations of the étale fundamental group and applications. 

Let X → S be a family of smooth projective varieties over a finitely generated field k.

For every closed point s of S we have an l-adic representation of the absolute Galois group of k on the l-adic étale cohomology of the fiber of the morphism in s. We will discuss how the image of these representations vary when s is varying in S(k). Finally we will show how these results can be used to study the specialization of Néron severi group.

Organisé par Arthur Forey (Université Paris VI) Matthieu Kochersperger (Ecole Polytechnique) Salim Tayou (Université Paris-Sud)
Support Email: rega.paris@gmail.com