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24 novembre 2017
Université Paris Dauphine
Europe/Paris timezone
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Présenté par Shigeru TAKATA on 24 nov. 2017 à 09:50
Présenté par Satoshi TAGUCHI on 24 nov. 2017 à 15:40
Présenté par Laurent DESVILLETTES on 24 nov. 2017 à 10:20
Let us think of a room divided into two compartments thanks to a sealed wall. One of the two compartments is empty and the other filled with a gas. What does happen when one removes the wall ? The mathematical answer to this question is that the gas will immediately spread into every single nook of the entire room. In this talk I will present how to prove this behaviour in convex bounded domains ... Plus
Présenté par Marc BRIANT on 24 nov. 2017 à 14:45
Présenté par François GOLSE on 24 nov. 2017 à 16:10
Coagulation-fragmentation equations can be used to study a wide range of phenomena, ranging from blood coagulation and polymer formation to planet formation. The (discrete) model consists in an infinite system of reaction-diffusion equations, each equation describing the evolution of the concentration of clusters of a given size/mass. While the spatially homo- geneous case has been studied extensi ... Plus
Présenté par Maxime BREDEN on 24 nov. 2017 à 14:15
Présenté par Mr. Shigemitsu TOMA
Présenté par Ariane TRESCASES on 24 nov. 2017 à 13:45
In this talk, we will study the regularisation properties of the Boltzmann equation without cut-off (in the hard potentials case) at the linearised level. The proof uses the hypoellipticity features of the equation and is reminiscent of what has already been done for the Fokker-Planck equation. We will then see that this type of property is a key point to develop a Cauchy theory for the nonlinear ... Plus
Présenté par Isabelle TRISTANI on 24 nov. 2017 à 11:45
Présenté par Shugo YASUDA on 24 nov. 2017 à 11:15