Cours de l'IHES 2023-2024

An Introduction to Super Critical Singularities (2/4)

by Pierre Raphael (University of Cambridge & IHES)

Amphithéâtre Léon Motchane (IHES)

Amphithéâtre Léon Motchane


Le Bois Marie 35, route de Chartres CS 40001 91893 Bures-sur-Yvette Cedex

Lecture 2 : Front singularities.

The description of singularity formation for non linear PDE’s is a classical problem with deep physical roots. Immense progress have been done in the last thirty on the understanding of “bubbling” phenomenon for focusing problems. But recently, new mecanisms have been discovered for “defocusing” problems with a deep connection to fluid mechanics. This series of 4 lectures is intended as a graduate class and will propose an introduction to the key results and open problems in the field, as well as a self contained description of the essential steps of the proofs.

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