Soufiane Oukassi: Recursions and ODEs for the correlators in integrable systems

Salle 318 (IMB)

Salle 318



An integrable system is often formulated as a flat connection, satisfying a Lax equation. It is given in terms of compatible systems having a common solution called the “wave function” $\Psi$ living in a Lie group $G$, which satisfies some differential equations with rational coefficients. From this wave function, it is usual to define a sequence of “correlators” $W_n$, that play an important role in many applications in mathematical physics. In this presentation i will present a systematic way of obtaining ordinary differential equations (ODE) with polynomial coefficients for the correlators. An application is random matrix theory, where the wave functions are the expectation value of the characteristic polynomial, they form a family of orthogonal polynomials, and are known to satisfy an integrable system. The correlators are then the correlation functions of resolvents or of eigenvalue densities. I will talk about the application of our methode of deriving ODE and recursion relation to one-matrix model.