January 26, 2024
Europe/Paris timezone

Aims and scope:

This one day workshop, hosted by the Centre de Biologie Intégrative in Toulouse, aims at bringing together biologists, mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists who share a common interest of modeling in the life sciences at all scales. It will be the opportunity to give examples of local collaborations and results and create new synergies. This workshop should also offer to biologists a platform to express their needs and problems, and give to mathematicians the opportunity to explain their interests and possibly identify fields where both biologists and mathematicians could engage interdisciplinary research works.


List of speakers:

  • Robin Aguilée
  • Matthieu Chavent
  • Juan Cortes
  • Manon Costa
  • Olivier Gadal
  • Denis Krndija
  • Alfonso Perez Escudero 
  • Michèle Romanos
  • Catherine Tardin
  • Rufin VanRullen


Organizers: Renaud Bastien, Bertrand Bénazéraf, Kerstin Bystricky, 

                     Grégory Faye, Ariane Trescases, Pierre Weiss


Practical information:

The workshop will start on Friday 26 January at 8:45 and end at 18:00.

It will take place within the Centre de Biologie Intégrative.

Amphithéâtre Nicole le Douarin
Centre de Biologie Intégrative Campus de l'UT3 169 Rue Marianne Grunberg-Manago
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Registration for this event is currently open.