• Aymane El Fardi
  • Matteo D'Achille

Seed Seminar of Mathematics and Physics is organized to provide a place where postdocs and other non-permanent early-stage researchers will get a great chance to disseminate their research to the mathematics and theoretical physics communities from different universities all over the world. In addition, the seminar aims at consolidating the harmony between these two communities. We believe that bringing research studies from various areas in mathematics together with theoretical physicists (and vice versa) would create an opportunity to develop novel scientific ideas.

The seminar takes place online, usually on Tuesday of every two weeks. The hour of the seminar may vary upon the convenience and time zone of the speaker.

For more detail, please visit the website of the seminar


The seminar's scope in broad revolves around theoretical physics and mathematics (mathematical theories, methods, and models inspired by or with application to physical phenomena). Hence, we see
such broad thematic as a key feature of the seminar.
This seminar is intended for talks to be interesting for mathematicians as well as physicists. Hence, the speakers should consider this particularity to allow the exposition to a broader audience and ensure the fluidity of the exchange.
We incentivize our speakers to take particular care of their talks' format in light of the above recommendations.