Asymptotic Behavior of systems of PDE arising in physics and biology: theoretical and numerical points of view (ABPDE II)

Alexandre MOUTON (Laboratoire Paul Painlevé), Claire CHAINAIS-HILLAIRET (Laboratoire Paul Painlevé), Clément CANCES (INRIA Lille), Felix Ali Mehmeti (LAMAV), Ingrid LACROIX-VIOLET (Laboratoire Paul Painlevé), Thomas REY (Laboratoire Paul Painlevé)

Aim and scope

The main goals of this workshop are the theoretical study of asymptotic behaviors (in large time or with respect to some parameters) of problems arising in physics and biology and the development of asymptotic preserving numerical methods.

The second edition of this workshop features ten plenary speakers. In addition, several contributed talks and a poster session will complete the program.




10 plenary speakers are confirmed :

The complete program is available here. A printable version of the program is downloadable here.



Registrations are now closed.


Limited funding for the local expenses of students and young researchers is available. If you wish to apply for such support, please register and send a CV and a publication list by email to Thomas Rey.


A participant list is available here.

  • Ahmed ait hammou oulhaj
  • Aissa Guesmia
  • Alexandre Mouton
  • Alexis Vasseur
  • An Zhang
  • Andrea Bondesan
  • André De Laire
  • Anita Gerstenmayer
  • Antoine Zurek
  • Benelkezadri Dalila
  • Bruno Nazaret
  • Bérénice GREC
  • Caterina Calgaro
  • Claire CHAINAIS
  • Claire Colin
  • Clément Cancès
  • Clément Mifsud
  • Dena Kazerani
  • emmanuel audusse
  • Emmanuel CREUSE
  • emmanuel franck
  • Felix Ali Mehmeti
  • Flore Nabet
  • Florent Dewez
  • Frederique Charles
  • giacomo dimarco
  • Guillaume Dujardin
  • Hechmi Hattab
  • Hélène Mathis
  • Ingrid Lacroix-Violet
  • Jan ten Thije Boonkkamp
  • Judith Berendsen
  • Klemens Fellner
  • Lemou Mohammed
  • Lupo Salvatore
  • Magali Ribot
  • Marianne Bessemoulin
  • Marie POSTEL
  • Marielle Simon
  • Mario Veruete
  • Mathias ASSINE
  • Maxime Herda
  • Merlet Benoît
  • Morgan Pierre
  • Pierre-Louis Colin
  • Remi Carles
  • Salim Messaoudi
  • samia zermani
  • Serge Nicaise
  • Thomas Rey
  • Valeria Giunta
  • Ward Melis
  • Xavier Lhebrard
  • Yohan Penel
  • Yue MA