Séminaire d'Homotopie en Géométrie Algébrique

p-adic Hodge theory and Hodge-proper stacks

by Dmitry Kubrak (IHES)

IMT 1R2 207 (Salle Pellos)

IMT 1R2 207

Salle Pellos


I will talk about a series of works with Artem Prikhodko where we are trying to establish a satisfactory version of p-adic Hodge theory for smooth Artin stacks. I will discuss the older work where an integral version for certain quotient stacks as proved and also some new results where we prove the Qp-version for all smooth Artin stacks with a Hodge-proper integral model. The truncated d-Hodge-proper version of the above result then also leads to a purity-type statement for the Qp-étale cohomology of the Raynaud generic fiber.