Séminaire MAC

Asymptotic behavior of various synchronization models and their scaling limit

by Myeongju Kang (Seoul National University)

Amphithéâtre L. Schwartz (Amphithéâtre L. Schwartz)

Amphithéâtre L. Schwartz

Amphithéâtre L. Schwartz


Synchronous behaviors of oscillatory complex systems are ubiquitous in many biological and chemical systems, to name a few, firing of fireflies, synchronization of metronomes, rhythmic beating of pacemaker cells, etc.
Famous examples are the Kuramoto model, which is a phase-coupled model, and the Winfree model, which is a pulse-coupled model.
Both ode systems describe the time-evolutionary behavior of oscillators on one dimensional torus.
Continuum and mean-field limit is an effective approximation to describe a system with infinitely many particles.
In this talk, we first study some examples of the particle models.
Then, we apply time-evolutionary behavior of the particle models to analyze the continuum and kinetic equations obtained as a suitable limit of the particle systems.

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Romain Duboscq, Ariane Trescases