Séminaire de Mathématiques de l'Institut de Physique Théorique du CEA-Saclay

Javier Fresán: Quadratic relations between Bessel moments


Javier Fresán

Quadratic relations between Bessel moments
A number of classical relations between periods, such as Legendre's relation for periods of elliptic curves, arise from the compatibility of the intersection pairing on de Rham and Betti cohomology with the period isomorphism. In the first part of the talk, I will give a friendly introduction to this phenomenon, with emphasis on how to compute intersection matrices. In the second part, I will explain how to interpret the moments of the Bessel functions as periods and derive quadratic relations between them that were found empirically by Broadhurst and Roberts. The talk is based on joint work with Claude Sabbah and Jeng-Daw Yu [arXiv:2006.02702].


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