Iván Moyano (Université Côte d'Azur): Propagation of smallness and control for heat equations.




In this work we investigate propagation of smallness properties for solutions to heat equations. We consider spectral projector estimates for the Laplace operator with Dirichlet or Neumann boundary conditions on a Riemanian manifold with or without boundary. We show that using the new approach for the propagation of smallness from Logunov-Malinnikova allows to extend the spectral projector type estimates from Jerison-Lebeau from localisation on open set to localisation on arbitrary sets of non zero Lebesgue measure; we can actually go beyond and consider sets of non vanishing d - delta (delta > 0 small enough) Hausdorf measure. We show that these new spectral projector estimates allow to extend the Logunov-Malinnikova's propagation of smallness results to solutions to heat equations. Finally we apply these results to the null controlability of heat equations with controls localised on sets of positive Lebesgue measure. A main novelty here with respect to previous results is that we can drop the constant coefficient assumptions of the Laplace operator (or analyticity assumptions) and deal with Lipschitz coefficients. Another important novelty is that we get the first (non one dimensional) exact controlability results with controls supported on zero measure sets. This is joint work with N. Burq (Orsay).