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Equilibrium measures for nonlocal interaction energies: The role of anisotropy.

by Maria Giovanna Mora

https://webconf.math.cnrs.fr/b/pau-fvx-pac (mdp 343477) (À distance)

https://webconf.math.cnrs.fr/b/pau-fvx-pac (mdp 343477)

À distance


 Particle systems subject to long-range interactions can be described, for large numbers of particles, in terms of
continuum models involving nonlocal energies. For radially symmetric interaction kernels, several authors have
established qualitative properties of minimizers for this kind of energies. But what can be said for anisotropic
kernels? Starting from an example that describes dislocation interactions in metals, I will discuss how the
anisotropy may affect the equilibrium measure and, in particular, its dimensionality.


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