June 29, 2015 to July 1, 2015
Europe/Paris timezone
29 June - 1 July 2015, Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée at the Université de Strasbourg, France

The ring of cooperations for 2-primary tmf

Jul 1, 2015, 11:00 AM
Grand Amphi de Maths

Grand Amphi de Maths

Invited research talk


Mark Behrens (Notre Dame)


This talk represents joint work with Kyle Ormsby, Nat Stapleton, and Vesna Stojanoska. I will describe 3 different perspective on tmf_*tmf (localized at 2). (1) the E_2-term of the Adams spectral sequence for tmf_*tmf decomposes as a direct sum of ext groups associated to bo-Brown-Gilter modules, (2) modulo torsion, tmf_*tmf embeds into the ring of 2-variable modular forms, and (3) modulo v_2-torsion, tmf_*tmf embeds into a product of TMF_0(N)_*, for various values of N, and how they are related.

Primary author

Mark Behrens (Notre Dame)

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