Séminaire de Géométrie

Dynamical zeta functions, trace formulae and applications

by Mr Polyxeni Spilioti (Université de Tübingen)

E1180 (Bât E2) (Tours)

E1180 (Bât E2)



The dynamical zeta functions of Ruelle and Selberg are functions of a complex variable \(s\) and are associated with the geodesic flow on the unit sphere bundle of a compact hyperbolic manifold. Their representation  by Euler-type products traces back  to the Riemann zeta function. In this talk, we will present  trace formulae and Lefschetz formulae, and the machinery that they provide to study the analytic properties of the dynamical zeta functions and their relation to spectral invariants. In addition, we will present other applications of the Lefschetz formula, such as the prime geodesic theorem for locally symmetric spaces of higher rank.