State observers design and analysis for set-valued Lur'e systems

by Bernard Brogliato (INRIA Rhône-Alpes)

Salle René Baire (IMB)

Salle René Baire


This talk will focus on the problem of designing asymptotically stable state observers for a class of differential inclusions, made of a linear time-invariant system in negative feedback with a set-valued (possibly time-varying and non-monotone) static nonlinearity. These set-valued dynamical systems are an extension of the classical Lur'e systems, widely studied in Automatic Control since their introduction by Lur'e in 1945. Dissipativity, maximal monotonicity, prox-regularity are crucial properties for the well-posedness and the stability analysis. Systems with absolutely continuous solutions, and with solutions of local bounded variation (hence possible state jumps), will be considered.
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