Séminaire EDP-Analyse ICJ

On Hardy's and Caffarelli, Kohn, Nirenberg's inequalities

by Hoài-Minh Nguyên (EPFL)

Fokko Du Cloux (ICJ, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)

Fokko Du Cloux

ICJ, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Campus de la Doua, Bâtiment Braconnier, Villeurbanne

I discuss  (the full range of) Caffarelli, Kohn, Nirenberg's inequalities for fractional Sobolev spaces and improvements of Hardy's and Caffarelli, Kohn, Nirenberg's inequalites for (standard integer order) Sobolev spaces with  proofs. Interestingly, the proofs are quite elementary and mainly based on the Poincaré and Sobolev inequalities for an annulus; the integration-by-part arguments are not required. This is joint work with Marco Squassina.

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