Séminaire des doctorants

Seminar 13/12

by Mr Sion Chan-Lang (IMB)

318 (IMB)



UMR 5584 CNRS Université de Bourgogne 9 avenue Alain Savary BP 47870 21078 DIJON Cedex FRANCE
Poincaré group, algebra and the Klein-Gordon equation
In a first part I will give a heuristic overview of the Poincaré group, how it arises from Einstein's postulate that the speed of light is constant in every intertial referential, and then why the studiy of its representation correponds to the quantization of free particles.
In a second part, I will return on arbitrarily chosen specific details, e.g. the fact that an "isometry" of the Minkowski pseudometric is necessarily affine, the construction of the Lie algebra associated to the Poincaré group, the "derived" representation, the Klein-Gordon equation as a representation of a Casimir element.
Organized by

Nicolas Massin