Stochastic Optimization: Theory and applications to energy management

Salle de conférence (Laboratoire XLIM)

Salle de conférence

Laboratoire XLIM

123 avenue Albert Thomas 87060 Limoges
Stochastic optimization is a very active area of research with several applications in mathematical finance, natural resources management, risk management, power systems, social sciences, sustainable development, etc. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of Stochastic Optimization and to foster interdisciplinary activities on theoretical and numerical aspects. The workshop will provide the opportunity to Msc and PhD students to meet specialists in the field and develop new insights for further improvements.
  • Alain REINEIX
  • Didier AUSSEL
  • Georgios Petrou
  • guillaume neveux
  • Henri Massias
  • Joseph Frédéric Bonnans
  • Julio Backhoff
  • Paul Armand
  • Raymond Quéré
  • Riadh Omheni
  • Teemu Pennanen
  • Tembine Hamidou
  • Térence BAYEN
  • Vahid Meghdadi
  • Wendyida Abraham KABORE
  • Yannis Pousset
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