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Quantum Days : ATOS Quantum Learning Machine

Maison de la Simulation

Maison de la Simulation

DigitéoLabs, Bât 565, CEA/Saclay


Quantum Computing could have large impacts in the coming decades. It is generally admitted that it will allow hugely enormous, complex problems to be solved in a reasonable amount of time, and to accelerates machine learning and prescriptive analysis.


The Atos Quantum Learning Machine (Atos QLM) is a complete on-premise environment designed for quantum software developers. It is dedicated to the development of quantum software, training and experimentation. It embeds a programming platform and a high-performance quantum simulator. Its capabilities and performances are unmatched on the market.

The Atos Quantum Learning Machine allows researchers, engineers and students to develop and experiment with quantum software. Powered by a powerful dedicated hardware infrastructure, the Atos QLM will emulate execution as a genuine, quantum computer would. Software developed on the Atos QLM can run on simulated, as well as on future, quantum accelerators, without changing a line.

The Atos Quantum Learning Machine computes the exact execution of a quantum program, with double digit precision. It simulates the laws of physics, which are at the very heart of quantum computing. This is very different to existing quantum processors, which suffer from quantum noise, quantum decoherence, and manufacturing biases, as well as performance bottlenecks. Simulation on the Atos Quantum Learning Machine enables developers to focus on their applications and algorithms, without having to wait for quantum machines to be available.

The aim of this workshop is to present in details the QLM environement and to offer more advanced users the possibility to practice on real applications. 

Agenda :

Morning Session

9:15 –   9:30 : Registration

9.30 – 10.30 :  Introduction to quantum computing

10.30 – 12:00 : Presentation of the QLM environement

12:00 – 13:30 : Lunch

Afternoon Session (limited to 10 persons)

13.30 – 16:30 : Hands-on with access to a QLM machine

  • Abel Marin-Lafleche
  • Alain Refloch
  • Ani Anciaux Sedrakian
  • Carlo Pierleoni
  • Carlos Eduardo Vieira de Moura
  • Christophe Calvin
  • Daniel BORGIS
  • Dominik Domin
  • Emeric Brun
  • Francois Courteille
  • haithel kallala
  • Marc Tajchman
  • marco Mancini
  • Mathieu Lobet
  • Matthieu Haefele
  • Mohamed Essadki
  • Nathalie Girard
  • Nicolas Monnier
  • Olivier Hess
  • Sylvain Chateau
  • Thibaut Véry
  • Vitaly Gorelov
  • Xinzhe Wu