GdT Contrôle

New controllability results for some semilinear SPDEst equation and the heat semigroup

by Víctor Hernández Santamaría

E.Picard, 1R2-129 (IMT )

E.Picard, 1R2-129



In this talk, I will present some results for the controllability of semilinear parabolic SDPES that we have obtained recently. We begin by introducing the controllability framework and then show the main results for the case of globally Lipschitz nonlinearities where a global control result holds by employing two controls localized in the drift and the diffusion of the equation. Then, we will see that by reducing the number of controls and allowing the nonlinearities to be locally Lipschitz a new concept of controllability needs to be introduced. The talk is based on joint works with Kévin Le Balc’h (Sorbonne Université-INRIA) and Liliana Peralta (FC-UNAM.)