Équations différentielles motiviques et au–delà

A motivic version of the Fundamental Lemma

by Prof. François Loeser (Sorbonne Université, Institut Mathématique de Jussieu)

salle Pierre Grisard (ex salle 314) (IHP, Paris 75005)

salle Pierre Grisard (ex salle 314)

IHP, Paris 75005


A cornerstone of the Langlands program, the Fundamental Lemma was a conjecture which has long resisted the efforts of mathematicians until its full proof by Ngô. It is an identity relating $p$-adic orbital integrals on two different reductive groups over the same local field. In this lecture I will present a motivic version of this result, which was obtained with Arthur Forey and Dimitri Wyss. We follow the strategy from a recent new proof of the Fundamental Lemma by Groechenig, Wyss and Ziegler using $p$-adic integration instead of perverse sheaves.

Organized by

Vladimir Rubtsov, Ilia Gaiur