Séminaire Géométries ICJ

Finite quotients of abelian varieties with a Calabi-Yau resolution

by Cécile Gachet

112 (ICJ)



1er étage bâtiment Braconnier, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - La Doua
Let G be a group acting freely in codimension 1 on an abelian variety A. Terminalizations (and, if any, crepant resolutions) of the singular quotient A/G are K-trivial varieties which, depending on A and G, may be symplectic or not, simply-connected or not... Assuming that G acts freely in codimension 2 however, singular quotients A/G very rarely admit crepant resolutions. In this talk, I will recall K. Oguiso's classification of those singular threefolds with a crepant resolution, expose the classification in dimension 4, and present partial results in arbitrary dimension.