Séminaire Géométrie et groupes discrets

Toledo Invariants of Quantum Representations

by Prof. Bertrand Deroin (CNRS & Université de Cergy)

Amphithéâtre Léon Motchane (IHES)

Amphithéâtre Léon Motchane


Le Bois Marie 35, route de Chartres 91440 Bures-sur-Yvette
Quantum representations form a family of representations of modular groups of surfaces with values in projective pseudo-unitary groups PU(p,q), sending Dehn twists to finite-order elements. Toledo invariants of these representations, and more general characteristic classes, extend to cohomology classes defined on the Deligne-Mumford compactification of moduli spaces, defining cohomological field theories (CohFT). We will give explicit formulae for the Toledo part of the latter in some cases, including Fibonacci quantum representations. This allows to construct/recover complex hyperbolic structures on some moduli spaces. Work in progress with Julien Marché.


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