Cuprates supraconducteurs: avancées récentes, ordres de charge, questions ouvertes / Superconducting Cuprates : Recent Advances, Charge Orders and Open Issues

Amphithéâtre Guillaume Budé (Collège de France)

Amphithéâtre Guillaume Budé

Collège de France

Collège de France, 11 place Marcelin Berthelot, 75005 Paris <a href="" target="_blank">Website of College de France</a>
Organizers : Antoine Georges et Louis Taillefer

The aim of this two-days conference/workshop is to present recent advances on cuprate superconductors, in connection in particular to charge ordering, and especially to discuss outstanding open questions in the field. Besides short presentations by invited speakers, a number of focused discussion sessions will be organized.

Confirmed speakers:
  • P. Bourges (Saclay)
  • J. Chang (EPFL)
  • A. Chubukov (U. of Wisconsin/U. of Minnesota)
  • A. Damascelli (UBC)
  • J.C. Seamus Davis (Cornell)
  • M.H. Julien (Grenoble)
  • S. Kivelson (Stanford)
  • G. Kotliar (Rutgers)
  • M. Le Tacon (Stuttgart)
  • A. J. Millis (Columbia)
  • O. Parcollet (CEA Saclay)
  • C. Pépin (Saclay)
  • C. Proust (Toulouse)
  • S. Sachdev (Harvard)
  • A. Sacuto (Paris)
  • L. Taillefer (Sherbrooke)
  • A.-M. Tremblay (Sherbrooke)
  • D. van der Marel (Geneva)
There are no fees and the conference is free-attendance. Registration is highly recommended to facilitate practical organization. Participation from younger scientists, graduate students and postdocs is strongly encouraged. All presentations and discussions will be in English.