Asymptotic Behaviors of systems of PDEs arising in physics and biology - 4th edition

Polytech Lille

Polytech Lille

Alexandre Mouton, Claire Chainais-Hillairet (Université de Lille), Clément Cancès (Inria Lille), Ingrid Lacroix-Violet (Université de Lille), Marc Pegon, Maxime Herda (Inria, Univ. Lille), Thomas Rey

Aim and scope

The main goals of this workshop are the theoretical study of asymptotic behaviors (in large time or with respect to some parameters) of problems arising in physics and biology and the development of asymptotic preserving numerical methods.

The fourth edition of this workshop features ten plenary speakers. In addition, several contributed talks and a poster session will complete the program.


Provisional program

The list of plenary speakers is now complete:

The program is now available. You can find it here.



Registrations are closed.

Important : to access the conference room, a health pass will be asked. It can be the French health pass or the European COVID Certificate scheme. More details about this pass are available here.



Limited funding for the local expenses of students and young researchers is available. If you wish to apply for such support, please register and send a CV and a publication list by email to Claire Chainais.




  • Abdelaziz Ben lahbib
  • Adrian Muntean
  • Adrien Tendani Soler
  • Alain Blaustein
  • Alexandra Holzinger
  • Alexandre Girodroux-Lavigne
  • Alexandre Mouton
  • Amic Frouvelle
  • Anastasiia Hraivoronska
  • Anaïs Crestetto
  • Andrea Natale
  • Anthony Nahas
  • Antoine Diez
  • Antoine Gloria
  • Antoine Zurek
  • Antonio Esposito
  • Armand Bernou
  • Axel Klar
  • Chiara Segala
  • Christoph Helmer
  • Claire Chainais-Hillairet
  • Clément Cancès
  • Damien Prel
  • Dilara Abdel
  • Emil Loevbak
  • Enrico Facca
  • Ewelina Zatorska
  • Fane Moussa
  • Federica Raimondi
  • Franca Hoffmann
  • Gianluca Favre
  • Giovanni Brigati
  • Guillaume Dujardin
  • Hanz Martin Cheng
  • Hélène Mathis
  • Ingrid Lacroix-Violet
  • Isabelle Tristani
  • Jean Bussac
  • Jean Cauvin-Vila
  • Jules Pertinand
  • Julian Koellermeier
  • Julien Moatti
  • Juliette Venel
  • Koumoumba Ayeote
  • Kévin Guillon
  • Laura Kanzler
  • Lucas Ertzbischoff
  • Ludovic Cesbron
  • Marianne Bessemoulin-Chatard
  • Mark Peletier
  • Martin Burger
  • Marwa Shahine
  • Maxime Breden
  • Maxime Herda
  • Maxime Jonval
  • Melouka Remil
  • Mohamad Rachid
  • Mohamed Ghattassi
  • Mohammed Abdellaoui
  • Nicolas Torres
  • Nikita Simonov
  • Nilasis Chaudhuri
  • Nimra Muqaddass
  • Oscar de Wit
  • Ouannas Moussa
  • Patricio Farrell
  • Pei Su
  • Pierre Gervais
  • Raphaèle Herbin
  • Said Hakimi
  • Simon Lemaire
  • Siwar Saidani
  • Soraya Labidi
  • Stefan Portisch
  • Sylvain Arguillère
  • Thomas Rey
  • Timothy Hodgetts
  • Tino Laidin
  • Vince Maes