Mapping class groups: pronilpotent and cohomological approaches [SwissMAP]-- postponed to 2023

Les Diablerets (Suisse)

Les Diablerets (Suisse)


Organisateurs : Nariya Kawazumi (U. Tokyo), Gwénaël Massuyeau (U. Bourgogne), Hiroaki Nakamura (Osaka U.), Takuya Sakasai (U. Tokyo) , Christine Vespa (U. Strasbourg)

Résumé de la conférence

" The purpose of this conference is to strengthen recent advances on cohomological and pro-nilpotent approaches of the mapping class groups at the crossroad of algebraic topology, low-dimensional topology, group theory, number theory and Lie theory. Thought of as a sequel to the series of workshops « Johnson homomorphisms and related topics » held in Tokyo in the last years, it is intended to reach a wide community of mathematicians across Europe and beyond. "

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