Phylogeny and inference: from models to data and back

from Monday, 1 February 2021 (09:00) to Friday, 5 February 2021 (19:00)
Institut Henri Poincaré (Amphithéâtre Hermite)

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1 Feb 2021
2 Feb 2021
3 Feb 2021
4 Feb 2021
5 Feb 2021
Morning (until 12:00) (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
09:00 Chikara Furusawa - Toward prediction and control of microbial evolution: Analysis of phenotypic constraints in laboratory evolution   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
09:30 François Blanquart - Evolution of virulence in commensal bacteria: example of the High Pathogenicity Island in Escherichia coli   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
10:00 Guillaume Achaz - What process(es) explain(s) genetic diversity within species?   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
Afternoon (until 19:00) (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
13:55 --- Introduction ---
14:00 Samuel Alizon - ABC phylodynamics   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
14:30 Rémi Monasson - Infer global, predict local: on the trade-off between statistical models and sequence data for protein fitness reconstruction   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:00 Stéphane Guindon - Bayesian phylogeography along a continuum: sampling its way in a random walk   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:30 Christophe Dessimoz - Laying foundations for very large scale comparative genomics   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
17:00 Tandy Warnow - New methods for large-scale species tree estimation addressing GDL   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
17:30 Katia Koelle - Tree-free phylodynamic inference for emerging viral pathogens and lineages   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
Afternoon (until 19:00) (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:00 Alessandra Carbone - Inferring phylogeny and function from different sequence spaces   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:30 Daniel Weissman - Evolution in spatially structured populations   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
17:00 KC Huang - Bacterial evolution in complex environments   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
17:30 Chris Illingworth - Sequencing error and phylogenetics   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
Afternoon (until 19:00) (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
13:30 Erik van Nimwegen - Recombination with complex population structure drives genome evolution in many bacterial species   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
14:00 Olivier Rivoire - Models of coevolution in proteins: sampling, physics and evolution   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
14:30 Clément Nizak - Parameters and determinants of responses to selection in antibody libraries   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:00 Samir Suweis - Constrained proteome allocation, adaptive strategies, and coexistence in models of competitive microbial communities   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:30 Simona Cocco - The heterogeneous landscape and early evolution of pathogen-associated CpG dinucleotides in SARS-CoV-2   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
17:00 Ada Altieri - New perspectives on the emergence of multiple equilibria in large highly interacting ecosystems   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
17:30 Rosalind Allen - Modelling phenotypic delay in the evolution of bacterial antibiotic resistance   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
Afternoon (until 19:00) (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
13:30 Amaury Lambert - The genomic view of diversification   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
14:00 Eduardo Rocha - Gene flow, innovation and the invention of microbial functions   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
14:30 Benny Chain - Capturing T cell receptor similarities   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:00 Martin Weigt - Wandering through sequence space   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:30 Michael Desai - Evolution as a stochastic algorithm   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
17:00 Alison Feder - Inferring spatially-embedded genealogies in expanding populations   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
17:30 Daniel Weinreich - A high-throughput approach to study epistasis in proteins   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
Afternoon (until 19:00) (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
13:30 Joachim Krug - Evolutionary pathways to antibiotic resistance   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
14:00 Matteo Smerlak - The retrospective view of molecular evolution   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
14:30 Namiko Mitarai - Bacteria and Phage: Competition and Coexistence   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:00 Thierry Mora - Solitary waves in virus-host co-evolution   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
16:30 Marta Luksza - Cancer evolution and metastasis under immune selection   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)
17:00 Sarah Cobey - Vaccination and adaptive evolution of SARS-CoV-2   (Amphithéâtre Hermite)