Groupoids and operator algebras. Applications to analysis, geometry and dynamics.

from Tuesday, 21 May 2019 (13:00) to Friday, 24 May 2019 (14:15)
Orléans (Hôtel Dupanloup)

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21 May 2019
22 May 2019
23 May 2019
24 May 2019
09:00 Pseudodifferential operators from tangent groupoids - Robert Yuncken   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Coffee Break (until 10:15) (Hôtel Dupanloup)
10:20 Diffeological groupoids and their operator algebras - Iakovos Androulidakis   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
11:15 Stability of Lie groupoid C*-algebras and of C*-algebras of singular foliations - Georges Skandalis (Université Paris Diderot)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
09:00 A groupoid approach to classifiable C*-algebras - Xin Li   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Coffee Break (until 10:15) (Hôtel Dupanloup)
10:20 Weak Cartan subalgebras of C*-algebras - Ruy Exel (UFSC & UNL)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
11:15 Groupoids from minimal dynamical systems - Karen Strung (Radboud University)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
09:00 On the first cohomology group of a free minimal Z^d-action on the Cantor set - Thierry Giordano   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Coffee Break (until 10:15) (Hôtel Dupanloup)
10:20 On non-standard limits of graphs and some orbit equivalence invariants - Damien Gaboriau (CNRS Ens-Lyon)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
11:15 Classification of regular subalgebras of the hyperfinite II_1 factor - Stefaan Vaes (KU Leuven)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Welcome (until 14:00) (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Some observations regarding the contributions of Jean Renault as seen from Boulder, Arlan Ramsay (until 14:30) (Hôtel Dupanloup)
14:40 Groupoid methods and singular spaces in free analysis - Paul Muhly (University of Iowa)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Coffee Break (until 16:00) (Hôtel Dupanloup)
16:05 Blowup and deformation groupoids in relation with index theory - Claire Debord (Université Paris Diderot)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
17:00 Witten deformation and Lie groupoids - Omar Mohsen (Université Paris Diderot)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
17:55 Remembering Victor, Alla Kuznetsova and Jean Renault - Alla Kuznetsova (Kazan Federal University, Institute of Physics)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Lunch (until 13:30) ()
14:00 Fourier integral operators on Lie groupoids - Stephane Vassout   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
14:50 K-theory, groupoids and propagation - Herve Oyono-Oyono   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Coffee Break (until 16:00) (Hôtel Dupanloup)
16:05 The homology of ample groupoids and the Matui conjecture - Alex Kumjian   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
17:00 CCR flows associated to closed convex cones - Sundar Shanmugasundaram (Institute of Mathematical Sciences)   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Lunch (until 13:30) ()
13:50 Crossed products and amenability of group actions - Siegfried Echterhoff   (Hôtel Dupanloup)
Visite de la cathédrale d'Orléans (until 17:30) ()
Conference dinner (until 22:00) ()
Lunch (until 13:30) ()
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