Asymptotic approach to spatial and dynamical organizations

15-16-309 (Campus Pierre et Marie Curie (Jussieu, Paris))


Campus Pierre et Marie Curie (Jussieu, Paris)

4, place Jussieu 75005 Paris Metro Jussieu



Organisms as cells, and more generally individuals, can self-organize through different mechanisms leading to elaborate population behaviors. Mathematical models have proved to be essential to understand the underlying dynamics.

This workshop will bring together specialists who consider these questions either from a theoretical point of view or with specific applications in view. Specific topics will cover tumor growth, mosquitoes control, pattern formation...

It will be held on Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, the new name of former Campus Jussieu, in Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions.

Registration is free but compulsory to help organization.


Invited speakers

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Scientific Committee

Luis Almeida

Benoît Perthame

Diane Peurichard

Delphine Salort


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  • Adel Blouza
  • Annie Lemarchand
  • Antoine Diez
  • Athanopoulos Tzavaras
  • Ayman Moussa
  • Aymen Balti
  • Benoit Perthame
  • Christèle Etchegaray
  • Delphine Salort
  • Elisabetta Rocca
  • Ennio Fedrizzi
  • Federica Bubba
  • Frédérique ROBIN
  • Havva Yoldas
  • Hugo Martin
  • Izabella Stuhl
  • Jean-Pierre Françoise
  • Jérémy Bouyer
  • Karina García Martínez
  • King Yeung Lam
  • Laurent Boudin
  • Leonardo Dominguez Rubio
  • Lucile Mégret
  • Luis Almeida
  • Léo Girardin
  • Magali Tournus
  • Martin Strugarek
  • Michelle Romanos
  • Mohamed-Amine BEY
  • Nicolas Brunel
  • Nicolas Torres
  • Panagiotis Souganidis
  • Pierre Degond
  • Pierre-Alexandre Bliman
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin
  • Raphael Voituriez
  • Robert Creese
  • Romain Yvinec
  • Roumen Anguelov
  • Sepideh Mirrahimi
  • Shuang Liu
  • Sophie Hecht
  • Sébastien Motsch
  • Thanh Nam Nguyen
  • Thiriet Marc
  • Thomas Lepoutre
  • Tomasz Debiec
  • Tommaso Lorenzi
  • Xinran RUAN
  • Yuan Lou
  • Yves Capdeboscq
  • Yves DUMONT
  • Zuzanna Szymańska