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23-25 octobre 2017
Université d'Angers
Europe/Paris timezone
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Université d'Angers - L003

Julia sets with a wandering branching point.


  • Xavier BUFF

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According to the Thurston no wandering triangle Theorem, a branching point in a locally connected quadratic Julia set is either preperiodic or precritical. Blokh and Oversteegen proved that this theorem does not hold for higher degree Julia sets: there exist cubic polynomials whose Julia set is a locally connected dendrite with a branching point which is neither preperiodic nor precritical. We shall reprove this result, constructing such cubic polynomials as limits of cubic polynomials for which one critical point eventually maps to the other critical point which eventually maps to a repelling fixed point. This is a joint work with Jordi Canela and Pascale Roesch.