Recent trends in harmonic and complex analysis

Salle de séminaire (Université d'Orléans, Mathématiques)

Salle de séminaire

Université d'Orléans, Mathématiques


This meeting will bring together harmonic and complex analysts around a mini-course given by

Brett Wick, Washington University, Missouri, USA 

on Commutators, Calderon-Zygmund Operators, and BMO


The abstract of this mini-course is the following. An important theorem in harmonic analysis connects the commutator of multiplication by a function and Calderon-Zygmund operators and the functions of bounded mean oscillation. And as a dual statement, it connects the Hardy space with a certain ``factorization'' of Lebesgue spaces. During these lectures we will give proofs of these theorems using tools from dyadic harmonic analysis. Connections with analytic function theory will be provided and extensions to the case of weighted estimates and to the case of multi-parameter harmonic analysis will also be discussed.


This meeting is also supported by the GDR AFHP.

  • Aline Bonami
  • Athanasios Batakis
  • Benoit Florent Sehba
  • Cristina Benea
  • Dorothee Frey
  • Emmanuel Russ
  • Frédéric Bernicot
  • Isabelle Chalendar
  • Jean Renault
  • Jean-Philippe Anker
  • kamilia dahmani
  • Karim Kellay
  • luc hillairet
  • Marco Vitturi
  • Petru Mironescu
  • Philippe Jaming
  • Raphaël Danchin
  • Sandrine Grellier
  • Yulia Kuznetsova