BMS workshop

Aurigny (INRIA)



Campus de Beaulieu, 263 Av. Général Leclerc, 35042 Rennes

We are happy to organise the workshop MINGuS on the research topics of the INRIA team,  and in particular on Boundaries, Multiscale dynamics, and Stochastic. The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts of the different fields associated to MINGuS and to initiate interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations.

We welcome all participants to the workshop, but registration is mandatory.

Location and time

The workshop will take place on May 22-24th in the Aurigny room at INRIA Rennes. The workshop and the analysis seminar of the mathematics laboratory of the university of Rennes will come together on Thursday morning with a special mini-course.

List of Speakers

  • Nina Aguillon
  • Christophe Berthon
  • Mireille Bossy
  • Giacomo Dimarco
  • David Gérard-Varet
  • Daniel Han-Kwan
  • Philippe Helluy
  • Pauline Lafitte
  • Frédéric Lagoutière
  • Annika Lang
  • Georg Maierhofer
  • Urbain Vaes